Evonate Modernize

Cloud-Native Custom Application Modernization

Evonate Modernize

Cloud-Native Custom Application Modernization

Moving old applications to the cloud doesn’t have to be hard, but sometimes applications need to be modernized. From architecture review to refactoring, we can help you modernize your applications to get all the benefits of the cloud.

Applications in the cloud often require modernization to fully optimize agility, scale, security, resiliency, and performance.

Depending on your application needs, one or more of the following modern approaches may be called for:


Microservices & containerization


Serverless functions


Cloud-native platform services


Data/database conversion & migration


SaaS conversion & multitenant enablement

The Evonate Modernization Process

& Scoping

Application Assessment
Perform code analysis to assess cloud-readiness and review application architecture for suitability.

Architecture Assessment
Perform architecture assessments and optimize cloud architecture design to support modernization requirements.

Provide scoping and estimation for the Application Transformation and Delivery

Agile Application Transformation

Lean/Agile Delivery
Design, develop, and test using a cost-effective global delivery model & a lean/agile approach to drive time to market.

Data Pipeline Conversion
Test and rewrite (if needed) data pipelines and external integrations

Cloud DevOps & SDLC
Build CI/CD scripting and automated testing throughout the development lifecycle.
Build and test deployment automation

Cloud Deployment & Delivery

Data Migration
Convert/migrate data to cloud

Deploy UAT
Deploy UAT environment with live data & run parallel data integrity tests

Security, Performance & Resiliency Testing
Run tests of security, performance and resiliency to ensure viable launch success.

Deploy & Optimize
Cutover to production, monitor & test system, optimize infrastructure and code



"the evolution of cloud-native innovation"